Monday, November 25, 2019

Secondhand Lions essays

Secondhand Lions essays In this heartwarming film by Disney, Haley Joel Osment plays a young boy in his early teens named Walter. His mother insists on pursuing a job while pawning off Walter to his two grumpy great-uncles. Both of the uncles, who are played by Michael Caine and Robert DuVall, supposedly disappeared for almost 40 years. When they returned, there were tremendous rumors that they had accumulated a massive fortune while they were away. Walter definitely doesnt like the idea his mother has imposed on him, which is finding their fortune. The uncles positively hate the idea of having a kid around for very long at all. But, after a while, they realize that Walter is not like all of their other money-hungry relatives always dropping by to try and milk something from them. Walter is just interested in their past, full of wild and crazy adventures. As for the title, there actually is a lion in the film. They order her especially from the jungle to hunt for game, just for something to do. But when they open the box, the lion just yawns and almost seems to be broken in a way. She is a secondhand lion, a used lion. Walter takes a liking to her, in that she needs loving care, just like Walter does from his uncles. He decides to name her Jasmine, after Uncle Hubs dead wife. He is kind of upset about this name at first, but eventually realizes that Walter named her that out of respect and sympathy. So all four of them spend the entire summer together and share pastimes, while fending off hungry salesmen with guns. The setting seems to take place sometime in the late 50s or early 60s somewhere in rural Texas. The people in it drive older, more classic cars and their wardrobe reflects that same time period. Even the set decoration and the props used are very convincing that it takes place in this period. I feel that not a whole lot of movies tha ...

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