Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Interview - Essay Example My uncle reckons that this was the year that Ronald Reagan became the President of U.S after defeating Jimmy Carter in a landslide victory. According to him, this set tone to the famous â€Å"Reagan Revolution† (The White House Web) that marked the end of distress and humiliation in America. Indeed, he recalls that life was so tough that at twenty-one years, he did not have a car neither was he married. As a result, he states that he was using the train and bicycles to shop, attend school, and search for a part-time job. This actually relates to my life today where I also do not have a car nor am I married despite having a part-time job. He quotes that many Americans at his age were economically and socially unstable in 1981. He laments that the fact that the economy was crippling and unemployment was significantly high in America in 1981 led to this situation. However, this was to change in the â€Å"Reagan Revolution.† Indeed, the levels of employment are significantl y better today than they were in 1981 when Mr Haskins was aged 21 years. In fact, the level of unemployment fell to a 7.7 percentage this year that reflects economic stability in the US (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Indeed, he reckons that Reagan was fundamental in restoring the Americans’ pride and confidence in facing the future. To him, this year marked a political shift in American, as a massive number of Americans became converts to the conservative political ideology adopted by Reagan. In the same manner, the political ideology adopted by President Obama during his swearing-in to serve his second term, derives a lot of confidence to most Americans today. Actually, the promises made by Reagan to fix the economy and safeguard America from its enemies, encouraged Americans to face the future. This promise relates to the one made by President Obama this year. Nevertheless, Mr Haskins claims that the planned President Reagan assassination on March 30 1981 almost shut th e new American spirit. However, Mr Haskins reckons that the survival of the President from this unfortunate event in American history was the turning point in modern American history. According to him, this event seemingly washed away all the negativity in America. In contrast, there has been political stability in US this year and Americans feel safer and well governed. In the same year, the laws of equality came to life in America when Reagan nominated Judge Sandra Day O'Connor as the first woman Chief Justice in the US Supreme Court (The Oyez Project at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Web). This equally nourished the spirits of many Americans and magnified the image of US in the world of democracy. This trend has continued over the years and today we have more respect to human rights and equality in US. Indeed, we have had more females serving the Americans in higher government levels. Specifically, we have Hillary Clinton who retired this year as the Secretary of State (United S tates Department of State Web). Unfortunately, the Air controllers’ strike on American soil disrupted flights in 1981 thus increasing Mr Haskins worries and fears. However, this year has seen Americans enjoy heightened security and they feel more secure in U.S. At the same time, my uncle claims that US government brought new disability eligibility rules thus affecting my grandfather who consequently lost his

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